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Free Discovery Call

Free 30-minute introductory consultation. We will discuss your lifestyle & nutrition goals as well as an overview of what you can expect from working with us!

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

At Thrive, our mission is to empower our clients (you!) to develop and foster the confidence they deserve around food. We take an individualized approach to help you reach your health goals.

Nutrition is not black and white, it's not all or nothing. It's about finding what works best for you. You will discover food freedom, which means you will be able to enjoy the foods you love without feeling any guilt.

Think of a food that you love (one of ours is white rice). Now, think of a diet you've tried following in the past that demonized that food (any low carb diet - think keto, paleo, the Atkin's diet, etc.) . This diet probably led you to cut back or eliminate it completely from your diet. Which then probably led you to have negative self-talk when you would re-introduce that food back into your diet, right?

What if you all you need is some guidance to find your gray area between all of this black and white that the nutrition spectrum is?

By focusing on many other factors besides weight; such as energy, sleep, stress management, hunger/fullness cues, mindfulness, digestion, and non-scale victories, you will discover what it's like to take control of your health.

This means, no cookie-cutter meal plans, no templates, no "good" or "bad" foods, no foods that are "off-limits", no counting random points assigned to foods, or any other plans that leave you miserable because you are missing out on your favorite foods!


What to Expect

Supermarket Tour

For our Long Island peeps: A 90-120 minute in-person grocery tour of your favorite grocery store where we can help maximize your efficiency at the store!
This is great for the person who may have a ton of questions running through their minds while they are trying to decide between two products; "should I go with low fat? Low calorie? What is gluten? Is almond milk better than cow's?"

We want you to feel confident in your choices at the grocery store and understand all those numbers on the nutrition labels.

Deep Dive to Thrive

90-minute Zoom call to help point you in the right direction with your health and fitness goals. We will review your current regimen (exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, etc) and you will leave the session with a clear game plan for you to reach your health + fitness goals. Come with questions!

Perfect for the self-starter who doesn’t need ongoing support.

In order to make sustainable lifestyle changes to reach long lasting change, commitment is required. Just as you will be expected to prioritize your health, our time together, this journey and lean into your self-worth, know that we are committed to you!

We will have weekly check in's where we will review your progress towards reaching your individualized goals. These sessions provide you with support and will give us the opportunity to add to or re-evaluate any previously established goals.

We will discuss topics like stress, sleep, upcoming social events, thought provoking topics, gym performance, LIFE, recovery, mindset, nutrition adherence, hunger and most importantly, all the successes you had :)

Let's just say we got your back :)

Are you ready to prioritize yourself and your health in order to thrive every single day?!

Not sure what service would best suite you?
shoot us a message!

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